The Magic Ponies Team have been working extremely hard behind the scenes this month and we have a lot of exciting news to share with you over the next few weeks so please keep an eye on the website! We hope you are all enjoying the start of the Summer Holidays and the ponies hope to see you all soon and hear all about what you have been up to!

Next week will be our first “OWN A PONY” day! Lara is so excited to be able to allow the children to have their own Magic Pony! You will be responsible for one of the Magic Ponies and will need to look after them and learn all aspects of pony care…..even the mucking out! You can also bring a picnic to have lunch with the ponies and mum’s and dad’s are welcome to help out too! We are so excited to launch this on the website but make sure you book fast as we have limited spaces available!

Lara and the Magic Ponies will be at Ashtead Common during the holidays doing pony rides, so please come and see us. If you join our Gold Membership you will get a free ride at all our events. Please watch our social media pages for the dates that we will be attending and we hope to see you there!

We will be attending PIGLETS (Children’s amusement Centre) in Hersham, every Thursday from 11am until 2pm throughout the holidays. Come and play and have a ride on the ponies and remember your free ride for Gold Members!

Merla attended a show with Savannah, who started riding with us back in 2020 and since then has been lucky enough to get her own pony, but came back today to take Merla around the showing rings and they were both amazing! Don’t they look brilliant!

The Magic Ponies enjoyed being pampered this week and had their hooves trimmed by the farrier! Merla loves being pampered but Dexter prefers to eat and sleep even when having his hooves done! Doodles and Sox were very well behaved and loved running around the field and showing off their beautiful hooves!

We love hearing about how much you enjoy the Magic Ponies and please email us your pictures and tell us about your favourite pony and what you love doing at Magic Ponies Headquarters. Below is a little about how much Alayah enjoys spending time with The Magic Ponies.

“Since Alayah started at magic ponies, she has gained so much confidence in herself. She looks forward to picking out her activity and brushing the pony before she has her ride. She already knows so much about ponies. Her favourite day of the week is Wednesday, she knows that’s the day she has her horse riding lesson with Lisa. Alayahs favourite ponies are Merla and Doodles, I asked why and she said “mum I just love them”. I’m so glad my little one has a hobby she loves and enjoys and looks forward to every week.”   



Hope to see you all soon and watch this space for more Magic Ponies information and updates!


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